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Tampa Auto Body Collision Repair Shop: Offering Expert Repairs

Due to the complexity of modern vehicles and the sophisticated combination of resins, and other additives that make up the paints, auto body technicians need to be trained in the entire automotive repair process to make your vehicle repair a complete succ The Tampa auto body repair shop will give you a detailed estimate, explaining all the parts and labor necessary to make the repairs. The parts may be listed as new OEM (original equipment manufacture) or used. It really depends on how old your vehicle is and if the parts are easy to find. Your estimate should explain which type of parts the Tampa auto body shop will need to use.

In some cases there may be more damage than what you can see on the outside. Any type of collision damage can knock the alignment out of balance and if this isn’t repaired correctly not only will it make the new parts difficult to refit but it could be potentially unsafe. The Tampa auto body repair shop will continually compare the measurements of specific parts of your vehicle to a number of service manuals and computer data to make sure the repairs are within the industry standards.

The Tampa auto body shop can be a busy place so you may need to be patient. While your car is in the shop, they may find hidden damage and will need to get authorization from the insurance company before they can continue with the repairs. This can involve some extra time and labor and possibly mean a few extra days before you can get your car back but making sure your vehicle is properly repaired and completely safe to drive again is what’s most important to your Tampa auto body repair.

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