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R&S Paint Advantage

chronotechWhat is Chronotech?

  • the experience and the competence of our technicians together with constant investments in research and innovation, and with the frequent tests involving paint manufacturers and body shops.
  • The evolution and the specific original industrial existing technologies, such as direct-fired burners and inverters;
  • Development of an exclusive, proprietary software for the automated management of painting and baking phases;
  • An installation suited to the different requirements of painting and baking.


Thanks to the Chronotech technology you will obtain these real benefits:

  • Virtually 97% combustion efficiency;
  • More efficient gas consumption (up to 30% less than typical Heat Exchanger indirect fired burner);
  • Reaches desired set temperature quickly;
  • High painting and baking temperature stability;
  • Time reducing for reaching the baking temperature;
  • Time reducing for the painting/baking phase (up to 35%)
  • boothUp to 45% reduction in electricity consumption by automatic variation of motor rotation speed and consequently of air volume, suiting them to the specific needs of the various work phases;
  • Pre-programmed quantity of air recirculation during the baking phase is made possible through reduction in exhaust fan speed;
  • Motors with Soft Start function that eliminates peaking at start-up;
  • Software for pressure self-adjustment inside the spray booth as filters become clogged.

Considerable reduction of working time and therefore notable increase in productivity and optimization of energy resources represent a challenge that we have shown CAN BE WON thanks to Chronotech.
In fact every day over 4000 cars worldwide are painted in a Chronotech model spray booth.