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Tampa Auto Body Repair Shop: Professionals at Work

Your vehicle is then ready for its new paint job once the Tampa auto body shop finishes the necessary repairs. A paint job can make or break a car and a good paint job is truly what makes any vehicle look beautiful. The newly repaired sections are prepped and primer is added. The areas that aren’t going to be painted are taped off to protect them from the paint. Your vehicle is then placed inside a paint booth, where the Tampa auto body repair shop will paint the repaired parts to match the rest of the body.

Any new auto glass that is needed will be replaced along with decorative trim and marker lights. If the vehicle received a strong impact or there is tire or wheel damage the Tampa auto body repair shop will need to check the alignment of the suspension system. Then the paint job is given a careful inspection for any flaws and the vehicle gets a complete detailing. To verify that the repairs meet certain state standards, the Tampa auto body shop will perform the required state inspection. You might need to sign a form or too but you’re now close to being reunited with your vehicle again.