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store front 25Welcome to R&S Auto Body Inc serving Tampa since 1970. We pride ourselves in restoring your vehicles to pre-accident condition with five star customer service.

Our highly trained professionals have the latest, high-tech equipment at their disposal with only your best interest in mind.

When choosing R&S Auto Body you can be confident of a High Quality repair; NO EXCEPTION!

We repair all makes and models including luxury and exotics.

You can Rely on the Tampa Auto Body Shop
If you own a car, truck or SUV there’s always that risk of accidents that can leave your vehicle with some serious or at the very least unsightly body damage. If it’s just a few scrapes and dings you can probably still drive your vehicle, but if you love your car or truck it’s not something you want to let go. A more severe collision can leave you with a vehicle that is completely unsafe to drive. No matter the extent of the damage, you’re going want a capable Tampa auto body shop to handle the repairs for you.

If the damage is just some superficial scratches or a damaged grill you might decide to take care of the expense yourself and avoid making a claim on your insurance. If the damage is severe or you can’t fit the repairs into your budget, you’re going to have to report the accident and file a claim with your insurance carrier. Of course they’ll want to direct you to an auto body shop of their choosing but what you may not know is that the choice is really yours. It’s your option to use which ever Tampa auto body repair shop you believe will provide the most reliable service.